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Commercial Janitorial Services

While some facilities only need to be cleaned weekly or daily, others require constant care. Janitorial services provide your facility with a dedicated professional to keep things clean around the clock.

"We had Green Day Cleaning Services do our first deep clean of our home this week and they did such a fabulous job! The technicians were professional, friendly, and very respectful in our home. We are amazed with how clean the house is, especially areas that we never have time to fully deep clean. We will definitely be calling back for another monthly service."
Katy Ey.
"I am very impressed with Green Day Cleaning services. I called them yesterday morning as I needed my apartment cleaned ASAP prior to moving and I go an appointment for  the following morning. It was super easy. This morning, I met the two ladies cleaning my apartment. Rubia and Maria were on time and very nice. They were able to get everything cleaned in two hours. When I walked in, it was better than I expected. I am very pleased and will definitely work with them again. Thank you, Green Day Cleaning for making this such an easy and great experience!"
Rita De.
"Excellent! Trustworthy, integrity personified really. Responsible, forthcoming. And always leaves everything spotless. Had a lot of bad experiences with other people, not the case here. Thank you"
Vera Ra.

Top Priorities

✓ Sweep or vacuum debris and dust/wet mop all floors

✓ Clean, disinfect, and restock bathrooms

✓ Collect dirty dishes and trash from desks and common areas

✓ Report damages

✓ Prepare meeting spaces

✓ Empty trash and recycling bins and replace liners.

What Will Your Janitor Do?

Your janitor will take care of many of the tasks included in our general cleaning service, such as cleaning floors, kitchens, and bathrooms and taking out the trash. They’ll also report any damages and prepare meeting spaces.

Save up to 10% working with us

Who Needs This?

We typically recommend this service for very high traffic facilities. If you're not sure what service is the best for your business, just ask! We’ll be happy to help.

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