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Move Out Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Before or after your next move, we'll make sure your space is ready by completing the checklist below. Don't think we good a job? Tell us! We'll send another crew to finish the job.

We built this list to help you understand and supervise our work.


✓ High Dusting: Dust and clean dirt from all places including hard to reach spots like windows and door frames.

✓ Clean baseboards

✓ Wipe down and disinfect hard surfaces

✓ Clean and disinfect bathrooms and kitchen

✓ Clean switches

✓ Collect and remove trash (doesn’t include rubble)

✓ Sweep or vacuum debris and dust/wet mop all floors

✓ Vacuum corners and under furniture

✓ Dust vents and window sills

✓ Clean walls cleaning and remove stains

All Places

• High Dusting

• Dust vents and window sills.

• Baseboards cleaning

• Sweep or vacuum debris and dust/wet mop all floors.

• Vacuum floors and rugs

• Vacuum corners and under and furniture

• Clean walls and remove stains

• Clean doors and interior windows

• Clean windows and doors frames

• Clean switches and handles

• Clean handrails

• Remove fingerprints from glass walls and boards.

• Collect and remove trash and cans cleaning (doesn’t include rubble)


• Clean stalls dividers, walls, and baseboards.

• High dusting.

• Clean Toilets, urinals, sinks and faucets cleaning and disinfection.

• Clean sinks, counters, paper towel holders, and hand dryers with disinfectant spray and microfiber cloth.

• Clean Mirrors.

• Dust vents and window sills.

• Clean and shine steel fixtures.

• Windows and doors frames.

Desks / Private Offices / Workstations / Conference Rooms

• High dusting

• Wipe down drawers filing cabinets.

• Clean empty dry erase boards

• Glass walls and boards cleaning (fingerprints removing).

• Clean windows and doors frames.

Download the PDF Checklist to verify or track our work.

Do you have special requirements?

If you need tasks that’s not included on the checklist, let us know! We’ll be happy to provide any additional services you need.

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